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Czech Studio NewStar – child model Agency

Studio NewStar specializes in finding cute children for film and advertising. This is not an Agency in the classic sense – here children are not forced to memorize a beautiful pose or move. Credo NewStar – show the child for what he is, not only with all its advantages, but also disadvantages.

Directors for filming need quite a specific way, and casting agents have to study hundreds of children in search of the right texture. Unfortunately often the desire to act only send the photo in full face and profile for the photos, we can conclude only about the attractiveness of a person, but they do not show features of Constitution of the applicant. And movies are often required not supermodels with perfect proportions and simple guys with flaws shapes, irregular features in the films meet different characters.

At the stage of selection it is important to see the physique of a child, to see how he can move – all this can send the photo shoot where the child depicted in various poses, and where the casting agent offered a ready-made storyboard plasticity of the child.

Advertising photography makes the figure much more stringent requirements here: a pretty face is not the most important, for the promotional photos it is important to show how different clothing fits. Here the casting agent should immediately see the features of the physique to find out if this type of advertising is this collection of clothing.

The models will often sign a contract for a few years – so it is important to see how the model changes with age, to assess the prospects for the coming years. To this end, the Agency NewStar photographs of models in different ages, starting from a young age, and always exposing latest photos. Thanks to this casting agents can see how the model looks now and not a year ago.

Some modern fashion collections unwittingly emphasize sexuality, even when it comes to children's collections, so it is very important that the model is not shy to show the different clothes. Therefore, the Agency NewStar dresses in their photo shoots children in a variety of suits, and often removes them in one swimming trunks – on the beach. However, never in their photo shoots NewStar's not beyond the bounds of decency in their photos there is nothing wrong. Swimwear also need to show and who will handle it better than the model prepared?

On this site we present a photo shoot with the most famous models Studio NewStar.


Unfortunately, the overly zealous Champions of morality, who believe that the most suitable clothing for children is the hijab, striving at all costs to close any sites with children's photos.

Since this website does not violate any norms of law and morality, it closed every time with a streamlined formulations. And each time we had to restore it with the participation of official oversight bodies that are unable to find anything wrong. Don't be surprised if this site will once again be closed - just wait one or two weeks until we prove to the inspecting authorities of his innocence and will not open again.

Still, at the insistence of oversight bodies we closed image, which caused too many complaints.

Address adequate for emails: We will consider all complaints and suggestions.

No don't send photos, but ready to help those wishing to contact the Studio.

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